I just attended the second half of Maa’s latest Journey of Profound Awakening, which completed a few hours ago here in Naples, Florida. These 2 ½ days with Maa and the community reminded me of different ways for us to be soul in our everyday lives, moment to moment. These reminders are added grist for the mill of useful practices we cover during “Live Your Soul’s Purpose,” one of the four “Your Soul: The Becoming of You” programs being delivered around the world. We continue this program next weekend in Brussels, Belgium and then the following week in Galway, Ireland.

During an exercise this last morning of JOPA, following a meditation that activated within us our soul relationship, we divided into small groups to hold satsang (a coming together where Truth is spoken). We sat together and expressed and listened as souls. In this state of being soul, I had a palpable experience of being soul in every pore of my physical body, of my soul experiencing itself in my physical body, as a physical body, in its breathing, in its spoken voice. I experienced my soul’s energy as waves, flowing, moving, dynamic. I experienced each moment as spontaneous, as an experience without thought (I couldn’t force myself to think). I experienced profound stillness, and the expression of my soul in the silence. I experienced the expression and listening of other souls in my group as waves of energy, Shakti … everyone being soul, everyone being Maa.

Of course, I wish for all of you to experience this in the reading of these words, to be reminded yourselves of this state if you have experienced something similar, or to be inspired to move into this state through your spiritual practices, and/or through time you spend with Maa or in similar programs. I offer you now some ways for you to experience yourselves as souls, and to continue in the path of embodying and expressing your souls.

  • These transitory times bring with them moments of fear, insecurity, instability, nervousness, confusion. If you know the centering practice, use it on a regular basis. Bring both hands to your heart in Namaste position. On the inhale, raise one arm straight up with fingers pointed vertically to the sky, while you lower one arm with the hand pointed up beside your navel, On the exhale, slowly bring both hands to the heart again. Repeat this at least three times, alternating arms raised and lowered.
  • Breathe, focus in the heart, touch your heart. Call upon Maa there, your soul, guardian angel, guides, masters, light beings, all inside you, ready and willing to serve you.
  • We speak of relating the heart and mind (brain) through breathing and meditation. As Maa says “love with the mind and think with the heart.” Create this relationship, and also create one between the heart and throat. Increasingly, this is a time to express truth, who we truly are, our soul’s desire. Thus, clear your throat and speak up, express what is going on inside of you, be authentic. During your morning practice, strengthen your voice and increase your vibration by chanting OM or A-U-M. Use the mantra SO HAM (I AM), exhaling SO and inhaling HAM as you chant the sacred syllables aloud faster and faster.
  • Practice speaking and listening as a soul during the day. Put a note somewhere visible to remind yourself to do this. Be spontaneous, no script, not figuring it out ahead of time, coming from your heart and not your mind. If you find yourself in your head, come back down to your heart through your breath or touch, and speak/listen from there.
  • As I’ve repeated, come together in community whenever, wherever, and however you can. Attend Enlightened Living Groups here in Phoenix, or wherever you live or one exists, or create one. Go to Sai Maa’s website under “community” and find out more about this (sai-maa.com).
  • I encourage you to be with, or watch or listen to, people who inspire you to be yourself, to be all who you can be, to express your talents, to go for it! For me, my daughter Becky is a prime example. Also, people in the arts inspire me (e.g., check out 16 year old Sawyer Fredericks, the frontrunner in “The Voice”; or dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance” when it returns this summer … know you’re not limited to TV!).
  • Speaking of the arts, listen to music you enjoy, move, dance, sing, chant, benefit from different forms of expression that enable you to express your heart and soul. Join others in formal events or informal gatherings to do the same.
  • Last but not least, be with Maa in Phoenix on May 8th for Darshan, and attend the program “Enlighten Your Brain” on May 9th. Also, come to San Diego for satsang with Maa on May 15th, and the program “Foster Loving Relationships” on May 16th.