This past week Maa offered some of us the opportunity to honor and receive the blessings of Ganesh, Ganapathi, the elephant God and son of Shiva and Parvati. Lord Ganesh is usually described as the God who removes obstacles. I like to refer to him as clearing our path, opening new gateways and freeing us to move through them.

I’ve always been a “Ganesh lover” as Maa said to me years ago. I just counted 13 forms of Ganesh in my home, including a large bronze murti (living statue) that resided for years in my Puttaparthi apartment outside of Sai Baba’s ashram. This murti is a 2-foot Ganesh with 10 arms; he is at his most powerful, because his mother Parvati (Shakti) is sitting in his lap.

I’ve always recited, and am reciting even more now, Ganesh mantras as part of my practice, such as:

OM GAM GLOUM NAMAHA or OM SHRI VALLABOMBA SHAKTI MAHA GANAPATHAYAY NAMAHA (the latter mantra is when Ganesh is at his most powerful). As I am focusing more on bringing Ganesh into my life, allowing his powerful clearing energy to do its work, I am reminded of all the energies, Gods and Goddesses, Masters and light beings, waiting for us to open to them, call upon them to serve us with their different vibrations and qualities.

We can always breathe and imagine – imagination, a gift of God, as Maa says – activating any of these energies within us, since all of these vibrations and attributes are already present and ready to be accessed and used in our daily lives. It just takes our focus, intention, imagination, discipline and practice to benefit from them. Speaking of practice, I just purchased four more statues for my home (Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Hanuman), and I welcome you to come and visit, to practice together by attending quarterly “satsangs” here in Scottsdale.

Now is the time on the planet for us to say “yes” to all that is available within us to transform, heal and evolve. Use these energies, call upon them, focus on them and activate them within you. Manifest through the Law of Attention. Constantly come back to your heart, with your love, gratitude and devotion, and enable your heart’s electromagnetic field (60 times greater than the brain’s) to spread these energies throughout your physical and subtle bodies.

Remember, we’re not the doers, so just open, allow, go with the flow of these higher vibration energies. This includes calling upon your soul with all your heart, making your soul and its light and expression a priority in your life. Your heart and soul. Your breath devoted to the highest within you.

Let Ganesh lead the way and open your path to your Self, to that Truth and Presence residing within. It’s as easy as we make it, since we are the creators of our state of being, and thus the quality of our lives.