Japan soul qualities

I’m writing this on Labor Day. This day has significance in the U.S. for a variety of reasons, however this particular day and weekend signifies for me the 21st anniversary of my meeting Sai Maa in this lifetime. I do not associate being with Maa as “labor”, just the opposite. The saying “labor of love” comes to me, yet that doesn’t quite work either, as the vibrations of the words do not go together, even if the meaning is performing a task for pleasure and not reward, or for the benefit to others rather than for materials rewards.

I could go along with, however, that Labor Day is a time to honor the contribution of working people, and in the spiritual path we are people who are Doing The Work!

Since I met Maa, I have been doing the work of transformation and self-realization at deeper and deeper levels. More and more people and communities have joined together in this work. I have recently lived firsthand one bright example of this togetherness during my trip abroad to be with our Japanese community. You can see some photos of this 2-week trip on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/swamijiauthor).

The photo in this post shows different qualities of the soul shared by participants of “Live Your Soul’s Purpose” in Tokyo, as they experienced them within themselves during the program. I cannot translate the words on the whiteboard, however I share below the qualities that I experienced in the Japanese community during my trip. I am increasingly aware that we all share these qualities in common as souls, and we experience them within ourselves to different degrees based upon our awareness and states of being. The reasons I share my experience with you are for you to see what you have in common with the Japanese community, and to appreciate the opportunity we have to be in a global community, to come together to appreciate each other, and to express our souls and do the work. This is true whether we are in Sai Maa’s community or the broader community as global citizens.

As I described to those who attended the Tokyo workshop, or the study groups and subsequent satsangs in three different locations throughout Japan, I experience in the Japanese people some common qualities that facilitate their spiritual growth and personal and collective transformation. These qualities include: an openness to new teachings and experiences; a childlike innocence; a humility which relates to the first two qualities; an ability to move into the heart, which I feel relates to a strong foundation of faith, devotion, surrendering to a greater good; great discipline which serves daily practice and thereby transformation; finally, the ability to take action and produce results.

From my perspective, devotion + discipline accelerate action and manifestation. I offer a major example to illustrate this point, and to inspire you to attend physically or energetically events taking place in Japan in October 15-23, 2016.

Reiko and I spent about 2 ½ days the cities of Muroto and Kochi, on the southern island of Shikoku. We visited there to put into place preliminary plans for community events that will include: a 2-day forum during which Sai Maa and others will speak in Yokohama near Tokyo; a 2-day yagya (fire ceremony) to take place in Muroto, with 108 pundits (priests) coming from India and 21 kundas (fire pits); Darshan and programs in Kochi city.

The aforementioned devotion and discipline, combined with Maa’s Grace and Shakti, led to a multitude of accelerated decisions and actions that I have not experienced before in such a short span of conversations. These include the creation of a Executing Committee, a designated location for the yagya, reservations for meeting halls and hotels, arrangements for transportation, yagya construction and media teams that are taking action, and much more. So much flowed and fell into place in these few days, as everyone was in alignment, devoted and committed to taking action. I wrote earlier about these qualities of the soul, of the Japanese community, and this one example highlights what can come from their expression in daily life.

I share one final example that again points to the power of devotion, of discipline, of all that is offered to us through these and the presence of Masters in our lives.

During our time in Muroto, Reiko and I visited the grotto where Master Kukai moved into a state of enlightenment in about the year 804. Many of you may have read about Master Kukai on Maa’s website, or you can Google to learn more. I share some photos from this time on my Facebook page, and I’ve placed one photo below at the end of this post of the altar in the grotto. Many from our community will attend a program in Koyasan, Japan next month when Sai Maa and Master Kukai will join together energetically to serve us and humanity. This seva is already happening as Reiko and I can attest to through our visit to the grotto. We were literally “stopped in our tracks” several yards before the entrance of the grotto, due to the power of the Shakti moving through us. The two of us walked very slowly into the grotto and stood before the altar where Master Kukai had meditated and looked out of the grotto at the horizon over the water (“Kukai” literally means the meeting of sky and water).

We experienced the energy of Sai Maa and Master Kukai together, very much in the heart, a light, soft movement of waves of energy. I felt deep pulsation in my heart and brain, a harmonious balance or wholeness. Sai Maa and Master Kukai combine the Divine Feminine and Masculine, Shiv-Shakti, and activate this harmony and balance within us and on the planet. I see these two great Masters as orchestrators of our alignment with Self and Source, our unity and oneness in this alignment.

I repeat: the power of devotion and discipline for action and manifestation.

I end with a quote from Sai Maa:

“Devotion is the highest path, is the purest form of love. All Ways devotion; from that everything is granted.”

Kukai grotto