I arrived in Fort Myers last night, and sit here now in my room at the Naples Beach Hotel before going for a walk on the beach. We are here for The Becoming of Us program with Sai Maa and 700 participants from 25 countries. I can attest to the fact that when many of us met in the Atlanta airport for a stopover (several Belgians, several Japanese), the Shakti is flowing within and between us, certainly in and from our hearts.

I have written before about the power of focusing in the heart, being in the heart, living from the heart (e.g., my September 1, 2014 blog called “What’s on your mind? What’s in your heart?”). I am repeating my pitch for this focus, this continued practice, because we are meant to live a heart-centered life experience on planet Earth. More and more scientific findings are confirming the benefits and consequences of this focus for our health on all levels, for healthy relationships, for a healthy planet. HeartMath has led many studies, and continues to, demonstrating the breadth of the heart’s electromagnetic field, 60 times greater than the brain’s, the power of the heart-brain connection, the impact on others of our heart’s and brain’s electromagnetic field.

In a recent webcast (“Awakening the Power of a Heart-Based Science”) Gregg Braden spoke to the heart’s purpose. He cites findings about specialized cells in the heart similar to brain cells (“the little brain in the heart”); how we can harmonize the brain in the heart with the brain in the head to work together (a neural network) to communicate with our bodies and beyond; how the quality of our emotions can influence the conversation between the heart and brain (e.g., appreciation, love, care); about the importance of a Earth-heart relationship where the heart’s energetic field can impact the planet.

You have heard and experienced this before: there are no coincidences. Gregg Braden mentioned during the webcast about a depiction on an Egyptian papyrus piece of art that shows the heart of someone who has died being weighed to see if it is lighter or heavier than a feather. If it is heavier due to the “sins” of the lifetime, then the person cannot pass to other worlds, to the afterlife, and is devoured by Ammit, the man-eating demon. I realized I have the same depiction hanging in my hall and went to look at it. It shows the person being guided along the path from death to afterlife (I was alerted to the “guide” before as this is an important aspect of my life and purpose as a guide/coach). You can see above in the photo of this artwork that the heart is being weighed, and Ammit stands waiting to the right of the scale to see whether there will be a meal or not based on the results. The importance of the heart!

I think many of us can find our own examples of the positive benefits of being in our heart, returning there after spending an inordinate amount of time in our head with our thoughts, especially those related to the past or future.

Here are some tips for spending more time in the heart, practicing a heart focus so our time there becomes more natural and frequent:

  • Focus your breath in the heart, feeling whatever sensations as you do this, what happens in the heart and the rest of the body. Use these physical sensations, feelings, memories, as reminders and ways to return to your heart.
  • Appreciate your breath, the body, loved ones in your life, what you love and value most in your life. Be grateful. Appreciation and gratitude bring you to the heart.
  • Touch your heart at different times of the day to remind yourself to return there. You might even touch your heart and then your heart and create a heart-brain (mind) relationship, using your breath at the same time to reinforce this connection (inhale from heart to brain, exhale from brain to heart).
  • Call upon Maa and/or other Masters or light beings you feel close to, invoking them in your heart with love and devotion. Feel your devotion to whoever or whatever, and offer yourself fully.
  • Go out in nature for a walk or just sit and admire the surroundings outside. Create a loving relationship with nature, which brings you into your heart. Also, appreciate the beauty around you, whatever that may be.
  • Listen to any music you love. For myself, classical music returns me to my heart (also Adele!). Any works of art, whether they be music, dance, film, theater, paintings, etc.
  • Exercise in whatever way you choose, and appreciate the vitality, life force, in your physical form, Be present in your heart as you exercise the body … mindfulness with heart.

Please send me and share other tips for focusing and living in the heart, increasing our heart-centered living.

I leave you with a few quotes from Sai Maa’s recent global address, “The Transfiguration of You” related to the heart. Breathe in your heart as you appreciate these words (vibrations), and notice the effects within you and around you of your state of being:

“The future of each one of you is available to experience life in the heightened frequency or vibration of light. For that you have to go into the depths of your heart, your heart, your precious, magnificent, powerful heart. Raise your frequency to cooperate with the design.”

“… because our heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic field. So in that magnetic field we hold that Presence, and when we use our heart we can restore balance with an amazing coherence. Heart, brain, brain, heart. Heart, brain, brain, heart. Then your heart can signal to the brain which then releases the energy, whether negative or positive, the energy in your subtle energy as well as your physical. All the way to the subatomic level.”

“All these waves of light, of love, of powerful energy of pure consciousness are being poured, the acceptance, meaning the non-resistance, the acceptance, the surrender to the heart needs to become a fundamental principle of your every single day life. Every single moment, every single moment.”