Happy New Year

Fireworks 2

New Year’s is celebrated as a time of new beginnings. Even though we assign January 1st as a time for resolutions and intended changes in our lives, we could instead perceive and live each moment in our lives as new beginnings that come about through the actions we take inside ourselves and in what we call the outer world. When we see every minute of every day as a new beginning, we can discover, play, and live life as an adventure. Taking this perspective creates within us an energy, pulsation or impulse that propels us forward, leading to thoughts and feelings that motivate us because they are based in our true essence as Creation … this dynamic, creative energy we call “Shakti” that is instrumental in our Becoming.

This place or state of wonder, discovery, play, adventure has within it great joy, joie de vivre, joy in being alive. Maa has repeated over and over again that joy is key for transformation, for our evolution, for our transfiguration. Our natural state is filled with joy. We actually create fireworks when we tap into our inner joy and express ourselves joyfully in daily life.

Personally I feel greater joy when I appreciate, am grateful for, aspects of my life, people in my life, or what I have to offer in life. The more I focus in this way, create this perspective, the more joy becomes a state of being that is sustained over time. I feel joy when I remind myself and draw my attention to the presence of Maa in my life. I tap into the knowingness that Maa is within me always, as energy, Shakti, Divine Love, my own Truth, that I can merge with at any moment. Joy rises within me when I call upon my Higher Self, Supreme Self, all my Selves in different dimensions at higher and higher frequencies. The joy of being here and being there, of joining with all the expressions of my Self, of realizing the power of all the beings and energies that are available to me on different planes, in different civilizations, that I can draw upon and create with while being here in this physical body.

I am filled with joy when I realize the wholeness of who I truly am in this and so many other dimensions. With this realization I activate higher frequencies that fill my physical body deep into my cells, and brighten my subtle bodies to create an ever-expanding light body, a unified field of oneness consciousness. As I write this now, I feel the expansion in my heart in describing this expansive state. This does not surprise me since the joy, the unity, cannot take place without the heart. Our soul resides in our heart as a spark of light from Self, from Source, that is always present with us in every life experience. We brighten and embody this light more and more as we focus upon it, and bring it into our personality, minds, body, and manifest its expression in our daily lives. Thus, we are being a Living Light of soul, of Self; we are living a Life Divine.

I have written here about wholeness, our realization of all we are in this and other dimensions and planes, and the joy that comes from this new reality and opportunity to express it in our lives. Maa spoke in a recent global address, “The Transfiguration of You”, about realizing the fullness of who we are in our spiritual empowerment and being evolutionary leaders on many levels at once:

“A state has come for spiritual empowerment which allows you to be deeply involved at a higher level of leadership in the evolution of the plan, of the Grand Design for this galaxy, for this universe, for this solar system, for this world, for each one of us. Be of higher level of consciousness, a maturity of the soul, meaning focus on the higher evolution plan for humanity liberating itself from all that pain and suffering. Thus fulfill the fullness, the fullest of one’s potential as divinity, as light, as a being of light, as a cosmic being.”

As Maa said at the beginning of the address, 2016 is a Soulful Path. Let us take this path of remembering, embodying and expressing our soul, thus being a Living Light that serves this planet, our solar system, our galaxy and universe, all galaxies and universes across the cosmos. Let us be evolutionary leaders by creating with our soul, with all of our Selves here and there, by collaborating with all of the souls and Selves of all of humanity, and the beings in civilizations in other planes. A plentitude of new beginnings and new worlds to be discovered and created.

Put another way, let us BE THE FIREWORKS that go off not just in the skies we can see now, but in the far reaches of other planes and dimensions we have yet to discover.