We just concluded an enlightening time together as a community. We started by opening to all of the energies of transfiguration being transmitted by Sai Maa and brought to this planet for its evolution. We held satsang (gathering where truth is spoken), which was one of the most rewarding satsangs for me, and I think for many of us. We then offered one another the new form of transfiguration Diksha that Maa has just gifted us, and performed Aarti to Sai Maa. We completed our time together with a potluck, and a conversation about creating a unique weekend intensive program over Passover.

What became clear during our satsang is that we are all experiencing and moving through the up’s and down’s of healing at very deep levels. Elizabeth spoke about “GOD” (Generate, Organize, Destroy), and how much is being destroyed inside for creation to take place. We all nodded in agreement. This is the way of the universe, especially during these accelerated transfigurative times, where transfiguration is creating a completely new form within ourselves that is unrecognizable. I remarked to the group that this play of creation is represented in the Hindu tradition as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), Shiva (Destroyer).

We are being shaken, down to the cellular, atomic, photonic levels, and we become more aligned, balanced, resilient, when we come together, share authentically, and empower our practice collectively. This was so evident, so palpable, for us today. During our last gathering we had spoken about the power of creating, moving into action as creators, and how this carries us forward, when we don’t get stuck in and weighed down by what we see as issues, or what we tell ourselves as stories that cause suffering.

As Maa is teaching us, our work is to be aware of our patterns, and the deeper habits of our subconscious that show up in our conscious lives as patterns and emotional reactions. We then accept the patterns, knowing that they are just words we say to ourselves, or what others have said to us, rather than falling into the trap of believing they are the truth of who we are. Once we accept, we can pour light into the patterns, so they dissolve and space is opened up within us that we can fill up with new divine patterns that serve us and our evolution.

This morning during satsang we spoke about the joy that comes from action and creation, and that some of us have experienced alternating states of fatigue or lethargy or stagnation and then creativity. We know this to be a time in our lives unlike any other that is demanding we go further. We know we are supported, loved, served by Maa, our souls, our angels and guides, and it is up to us to open to these energies that propel us forward. Speaking of being propelled and the grace of all those serving us, Natarajbhai shared with our group an experience from earlier in the week when he and others were in a car accident. No one was seriously injured. Someone in the van described seeing him during the accident, and how he gracefully floated through the air even though he is a large man. The grace that is here for us when we breathe, align, and move with creation.

At the end of our morning, we spoke about the possibility of creating a community offering over Passover weekend in April, and this led to our declaration that we commit to 500 people attending the event. Note to readers: I just turned around to look at the clock and it’s 4:44 … it’s a sign!!!

We began a discussion about the design of the weekend event, including a Passover seder on the first night of Passover, Friday April 22nd, then a day long program on Saturday, an inter-tradition celebration Saturday night, and Sunday morning conversation about what we can bring into our lives individually and as a community. We will communicate more about this, and if you wish to learn more or be involved, please email me (

Finally, on a personal note, in our final conversation this morning I became aware of the depths within myself of what I am transfiguring. When we were speaking about the Passover program, and committing to create this together with great joy, passion and exuberance, someone in the group (no names!) said something. As Maa says, it’s always about you with you, and not about the other person. I said that I wished to state my opinion about what the person said. Although I cannot remember all my words, I shared that I experienced what he said as stopping the momentum of what we were creating, that is came from the third dimension which was not where we were at in that moment. I think I said something about what I saw as his underlying resistance. We both got into a back-and-forth “sharing” which I would more authentically call a debate or explanation including some self-justification. Of course, I take responsibility for my end of whatever we were creating, which was not at all in the same energy as the earlier passionate declaration.

The point I’m making – what I learned and invite you to look at – is that we all have reactions, thoughts and feelings that take us down or lower our vibration, and these are the ones that are to be “destroyed” or “transfigured”. During meditation after the group departed, I felt that my creation with that other person came from a very deep place of habit, perhaps subconscious, or unconscious, or karmic, or from what we call the akashic record of actions from all life experiences, or all of the above. I had a sense that lifetimes before this I had been stopped from inspired action and creation (a psychic once told me I been a leader in a war of faith which we lost, and I lost my faith). I also remember feeling enthusiastic and inspired during my childhood, and being squelched by the depression and withdrawal prevalent in my family. These examples came to me quickly, and I didn’t hold onto them or elaborate or process. I just owned them as they came to me.

Again, the point is to become aware of the pattern – not to tell stories about it – to breathe and accept whatever it is. We then pour light into it. In my case, in feeling my devotion to Maa, my heart expanded, my vibration rose as a consequence, and the pattern disappeared and a space within me was available for new creation related to the person and the community.

From the ashes the phoenix rises. Take a look at the photo above of the flower arrangement our community offered during the Becoming of Us program in Naples. The beauty of the ascent, creation from destruction, light from darkness, a lotus growing out of the mud – all analogies for our transfiguration, resurrection, and then ascension.

As I complete this latest post, I invite you to join us for monthly satsangs at my home in Scottsdale, and for Enlightened Living Group meetings twice a month at other locations. In addition, please join us for our Passover weekend intensive April 22-24. Thank you all for reading, for sharing, for creating, for continuing together in this path of light with Maa and each other.

By the way, I just completed writing and reviewing this, and it’s 5:55!!!