Many of you aware of the new Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya which includes at this time myself and eight Brahmacharis (monks) and Brahmacharinis (nuns). If not, please visit our section of Sai Maa’s website ( to learn about the Order, our mission, who we are, our lineage and tradition (and yours as members of Sai Maa’s community), and our offerings and services.

On a personal note, I am experiencing myself and all of us in the Order in completely new ways, after many years of being together. I attribute this, of course, to the blessings of Sai Maa and what Maa is creating for and with all of us at this critical juncture in the planet’s evolution and time of transfiguration moving into resurrection and ascension. Also, I attribute this new way of being together energetically, creatively and practically (how we are living our lives) to who we are individually and collectively in our evolution, and the path of our devotion to Maa and unfoldment of our dharma (purpose) in serving our shared mission.

As the title expresses, I am writing about “order” in several ways here, related to but not solely about our Order. Underlying what may appear at times in the outer world as chaos, turmoil, uncertainty, the unknown, there is order coming from the permanent essence of who we all are that becomes manifest through us when we are in alignment with that love, light, Presence, Source. There is underlying order in the cosmos, the movement and interplay of the planets, constellations, galaxies, universes, and the eternal truth that all of this order is within us in its entirety and eternality. There is order in the Grand Design that is unfolding on this planet and in the cosmos, and how we as inhabitants of planet Earth can contribute to this at any moment. We contribute to this dynamic and living Design through who we are becoming and how we are expressing ourselves in action. Finally, we can also understand order in the context of universal laws that impact who we are and the outcome of our decisions (e.g., the Laws of Attention, Attraction, Resonance).

Perhaps this reflection about order offers you some comfort, knowing that all is as it is meant to be, and is playing out in an “orderly fashion” even if it is not evident to us in how we see ourselves and our lives.

Now back to our Order. The Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya exists to serve you and our global community, and to serve beyond our existing community. This service takes form on many levels, including energetically and through specific offerings of the Order (including spiritual coaching, and the webinar that begins in June, “Cultivate the Light Within” – this is sold out but will be offered again in the Fall). Also, many of us are part of the group of Sai Maa’s teachers contributing to Maa’s and other programs throughout the year.

Each of us in the Order contribute in unique ways to the community and world, as the website informs you. As for myself, aside from the coaching, teaching and writing that I offer on a regular basis, I would like to make a new offer to you right now. We will see how this unfolds given your response. Here is the offer:

If you have any clear, succinct questions about your sadhana (spiritual practice), or a burning spiritual topic, please email me your questions ( Let me be clear about what I am NOT asking for: I am not asking for open-ended questions that require pages of reply, nor am I asking for questions where you can obtain answers on Maa’s website or through Google, Wikipedia, or similar resources. Perhaps you might choose to ask questions after reading this or past blogs (95 in total so far). This offer in no way replaces the much more in-depth teachings, practices, and interactions of the upcoming or future webinars or programs of the online school of the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya.

I will either compile related questions coming from you and write future blogs in reply, or answer questions individually by email if they lend themselves to shorter answers. If I feel speaking will serve you more, I will arrange a phone call with you (those will be shorter calls to relay information or advice, compared to my coaching calls).

In service to the underlying order of all that we are and All That Is.