I wrote in my end-of-the-year blog about all of the possibilities we have in our life to step up to be evolutionary leaders. How we can contribute to and serve the living Grand Design or Divine Plan, create endless birth days and new beginnings through our increasing awareness, rising frequencies, continued inner work and transfiguration. (December 29 blog “Evolutionary Leadership: Endless Opportunities for New Beginnings.”)

What preceded and inspired that blog is the global address that Sai Maa shared with us as we completed 2016, “The Transfiguration of You”, in which Maa so beautifully and powerfully speaks of how we can fulfill our birthright of service, of creating our legacy as pillars of light:


In this writing, I offer some citations from a few books that reinforce a broader perspective and outlook on who we are and how we can contribute to our world and beyond. Let these words inspire you, encourage your further reflection and inner work for you to evolve and lead with all your brothers and sisters in expanding the consciousness and raising the frequency of humanity and the planet.

The first set of quotes describes the Matrix of Love (Maa often speaks of the Matrix), the unfolding Plan, and the related intention for humanity. These are followed by ideas of how we can carry out this intention and serve individually and collectively.

The writings come from a wonderful book that I learned about through Sai Maa, that includes teachings that are so aligned with Maa’s and resonate so deeply with our inner knowingness of why we are here: The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth by Gordon Asher Davidson.

(1) Our task or purpose relative to the Matrix of Love, and all the available relationships and possibilities for co-creation with other worlds and dimensions:

“Love is an all pervading, omnipresent infinite field matrix of energy which transcends all dimensional limitations of time and space and creates an indissoluble bond between all worlds and dimensions. … It is the ever present matrix which holds every atom and every galaxy in right relationship. … Thus, the task of unfoldment for each individual unit of life is to discover their unique portal of entry into this matrix of love, the One Life. … Once entered, the matrix steadily and naturally expands the focus of love, its reach and inclusive embrace, ultimately to all the worlds.”

“The plan is an unfolding series of events, expressing energies from all dimensions that impact the earth. These include the galactic civilizations, the solar system, Shamballa, Hierarchy and the higher spiritual energies increasingly available. … The plan can be summarized as creating loving, lighted relationships within and between every life form on earth, as well as with lives on more subtle planes of being.”

“Humanity is intended to develop the capacity to link with the galactic communications network through frequency attunement with the soul and higher spiritual contacts.”

(2) How we can facilitate, serve, further this intention individually and collectively:

“Simply being fully present and radiating through your thoughts and presence all the good you know is underway is a subtle communication that has a major effect on others. This practice raises your consciousness, makes you a conscious co-creator with the Alliance of Light, and also makes a major contribution to catalyzing the unfolding plan.”

“The principles and methods of all light groups, whether consciously associated with the great multidimensional Alliance of Light or not, are based on the matrix of love as the core organizing principle. This means that light groups hold each of their members, their group purpose and the well-being of the world with love, aligned with the higher purposes of the plan (whether consciously realized or not).”

“Organizing and participating in group meditations amplifies the light, because it allows a greater intensity to be released into an energetic group field of multiple auras of people with different types of energies, focal points of consciousness, and levels of dissemination. Drawing people into these vortices of light also aligns them with higher frequencies of light, which stimulates each one’s capacity to be light bearers.”

What we can do: “helping people understand how to release all that is holding them captive in lower frequencies, and how to align with reliable sources of lighted vision and universal love. … helping them make a connection and ongoing alignment with their soul, so they establish a center of clarity and purpose within themselves.”


The last quote speaks to the importance of the soul. Sai Maa and Maa’s teachers have offered (and will continue to offer) programs related to the soul, its journey, our evolving relationship with our soul, living our soul’s purpose, our soul awakening, etc. Our soul is intimately entwined with our evolution, our frequency, our service, the degree to which we make a difference in the world.

The following citations about the soul come from two of the three books in the Soul and Service Trilogy by Susan Trout, Co-Founder of the Institute for the Advancement of Service. I am grateful to Ann Benvenuto who sent me the trilogy after our conversation at Maa’s Conscious Healing Intensive (she works with the Institute in the area of Leadership and Soul Development). Although the first quote highlights leaders of organizations, we can broaden the teaching to everyone taking action as leaders in their lives.

From The Awakened Leader: Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul

“To lead well is a soul matter. Knowledge of the soul and attention to its growth expands a leader’s capacity to lead and thereby benefits an organization. The leader’s life force emanates through the personality and grounds the gifts of the soul through action. United as one force, soul and personality infuse the individual’s leadership style and enliven the programs and activities of the organization. The level of soul development determines an individual’s worldview. … This inner journey is mandatory for conscious leaders.”

From Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service

“The soul is both nonmaterial and mysterious. It has one fundamental purpose and activity: to make knowledge manifest in the material world. Individually and collectively, the soul’s desire to bring its knowledge into consciousness shapes the material world. Through the experience of time and space, the soul reveals its knowledge by engaging in a process of radiating unfoldment. … A common characteristic of the soul’s unfoldment is its frequent return visits to lessons that on a conscious level we believe we have mastered. Return visits of the soul are transcendent in that they help us to uncover a truth or nugget of wisdom not previously seen.”

“Another trait of the soul is that its process of evolution is unique to each person. By definition, individuals do not evolve with the same talents or tendencies nor at the same pace. … The uniqueness of the soul is visible in the diverse purposes, missions, and destinies of different individuals. Even when the personality self is unconscious and unaware, the soul leads it through experiences that focus on what it is to learn, contribute, achieve, or create in this lifetime. … The learning, or more accurately the unveiling of this knowledge, is our life purpose. … Our mission is the context within which the soul’s knowledge can be unveiled and is reflected in one’s life circumstances, work, and relationships. … A life mission, however, may not be what it appears to be. We may actually be doing our life’s work while we are discovering what we think our life’s work is.”

A final request: I encourage you to write me about what you see now that you might not have before, about your evolutionary leadership, your contribution and service, your soul and its uniqueness, your purpose and mission. I also invite you to let me know about what is happening inside of you and in your lives, and what topics you would like me to write about in future blogs.