For years and years I have loved, savored Sai Maa’s words, whether spoken, written or remembered. The wisdom, multiple layers of meaning, the resonance and deep knowingness, the saying to myself “yes, how true” or “that’s perfect” or “Maa’s done it again!” For all these reasons and more, I cherish the opportunities to listen to, transcribe, organize, archive, and quote what Maa shares on diverse topics.

Maa has used different analogies to describe who we are, how we relate to one another, and how we contribute together to what we might call something bigger than ourselves (although in truth this “something bigger” is who we all truly are).

We are all pearls on the same necklace, each unique and contributing to the beauty and elegance of the whole (with the same thread of our essence running through us). We are all pieces of the same puzzle, different sizes and shapes, coming together to make up the whole picture. Each and every one of us is irreplaceable and important to the overall design.

The overall design … The Grand Design. The Wholeness, the Oneness of all of our unique expressions, of the different combinations of what we express, of the interrelatedness and consequences of all of our actions (actions as our thoughts, feelings, words, interactions, everything we do and create inside of ourselves and with others).

It truly “hits home” when Maa speaks about this design as a living Grand Design, where with our free will and with increasing awareness all of us can be conscious contributors to, co-creators with this Design in every moment and with every action. We can live consciously and act as masters, as leaders, enriching and uplifting the Grand Design; meaning we raise our frequency and that of the whole. In this higher vibration, we influence the Design and the Design influences us. The Supreme Influence moves through us, is expressed through us. When we vibrate at a higher rate, are aligned and coherent with higher energies and dimensions, when we are radiating a greater electromagnetic field, the Law of Resonance ensures that we merge and create with the Great Intelligence. Divine Inspiration flows through us, is expressed through us, as limitless possibilities of creation.

During Maa’s Birthday Global Address of three days ago, Maa encouraged us to listen to the words of the discourse, as well as to the New Year’s discourse from last November, until they become part of us. I second that invitation: so much wisdom and Shakti in the words, such a birthday gift for us!

I offer a few sentences below from the Birthday discourse about the Grand Design, and ask you to move into them, allow the Shakti to activate your inner knowingness about who you are, who we are, the contributions we can make as co-creators, the wealth of energy and information we can tap into that can inform our daily actions and constant creations.

I also invite you to ask yourselves some questions in reading these words, to increase your self-awareness and inform your future actions:

  • What insights come to you as you read? What do you feel, understand, re-member?
  • What happens to your vibration, to your energetic field, to your experience of expansion and alignment?
  • How will you bring this wisdom into your daily lives?
  • Are you motivated to take new actions, make new contributions, demonstrate greater leadership?

Here are some of Maa’s words from the Birthday discourse to stimulate, energize and expand you:

  • Simply allow yourself to be yourself, to be part of the Grand Design
  • Collaborate, co-create with the Grand Design, step into the embodiment of the Grand Design
  • The Grand Design is your creation – step into the present moment and this builds the future you
  • Step into the Grand Design deliberately in alignment with Sat-Chit-Ananda in everyday experience
  • The anchoring of Divine Inspiration in oneness state so you step into the Grand Design
  • The body is to be an expression of the highest of you: the body as a flute emptied of what shrinks you, and then the Divine Influence comes through you and offers Divine Inspiration so you co-create with the Grand Design.