I just attended the second half of Maa’s latest Journey of Profound Awakening, which completed a few hours ago here in Naples, Florida. These 2 ½ days with Maa and the community reminded me of different ways for us to be soul in our everyday lives, moment to moment. These reminders are added grist for the mill of useful practices we cover during “Live Your Soul’s Purpose,” one of the four “Your Soul: The Becoming of You” programs being delivered around the world. We continue this program next weekend in Brussels, Belgium and then the following week in Galway, Ireland.

During an exercise this last morning of JOPA, following a meditation that activated within us our soul relationship, we divided into small groups to hold satsang (a coming together where Truth is spoken). We sat together and expressed and listened as souls. In this state of being soul, I had a palpable experience of being soul in every pore of my physical body, of my soul experiencing itself in my physical body, as a physical body, in its breathing, in its spoken voice. I experienced my soul’s energy as waves, flowing, moving, dynamic. I experienced each moment as spontaneous, as an experience without thought (I couldn’t force myself to think). I experienced profound stillness, and the expression of my soul in the silence. I experienced the expression and listening of other souls in my group as waves of energy, Shakti … everyone being soul, everyone being Maa.

Of course, I wish for all of you to experience this in the reading of these words, to be reminded yourselves of this state if you have experienced something similar, or to be inspired to move into this state through your spiritual practices, and/or through time you spend with Maa or in similar programs. I offer you now some ways for you to experience yourselves as souls, and to continue in the path of embodying and expressing your souls.

  • These transitory times bring with them moments of fear, insecurity, instability, nervousness, confusion. If you know the centering practice, use it on a regular basis. Bring both hands to your heart in Namaste position. On the inhale, raise one arm straight up with fingers pointed vertically to the sky, while you lower one arm with the hand pointed up beside your navel, On the exhale, slowly bring both hands to the heart again. Repeat this at least three times, alternating arms raised and lowered.
  • Breathe, focus in the heart, touch your heart. Call upon Maa there, your soul, guardian angel, guides, masters, light beings, all inside you, ready and willing to serve you.
  • We speak of relating the heart and mind (brain) through breathing and meditation. As Maa says “love with the mind and think with the heart.” Create this relationship, and also create one between the heart and throat. Increasingly, this is a time to express truth, who we truly are, our soul’s desire. Thus, clear your throat and speak up, express what is going on inside of you, be authentic. During your morning practice, strengthen your voice and increase your vibration by chanting OM or A-U-M. Use the mantra SO HAM (I AM), exhaling SO and inhaling HAM as you chant the sacred syllables aloud faster and faster.
  • Practice speaking and listening as a soul during the day. Put a note somewhere visible to remind yourself to do this. Be spontaneous, no script, not figuring it out ahead of time, coming from your heart and not your mind. If you find yourself in your head, come back down to your heart through your breath or touch, and speak/listen from there.
  • As I’ve repeated, come together in community whenever, wherever, and however you can. Attend Enlightened Living Groups here in Phoenix, or wherever you live or one exists, or create one. Go to Sai Maa’s website under “community” and find out more about this (sai-maa.com).
  • I encourage you to be with, or watch or listen to, people who inspire you to be yourself, to be all who you can be, to express your talents, to go for it! For me, my daughter Becky is a prime example. Also, people in the arts inspire me (e.g., check out 16 year old Sawyer Fredericks, the frontrunner in “The Voice”; or dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance” when it returns this summer … know you’re not limited to TV!).
  • Speaking of the arts, listen to music you enjoy, move, dance, sing, chant, benefit from different forms of expression that enable you to express your heart and soul. Join others in formal events or informal gatherings to do the same.
  • Last but not least, be with Maa in Phoenix on May 8th for Darshan, and attend the program “Enlighten Your Brain” on May 9th. Also, come to San Diego for satsang with Maa on May 15th, and the program “Foster Loving Relationships” on May 16th.

I’m sitting outside on my balcony facing a beautiful tree with pink flowers and listening to the sound of the flowing fountain outside my windows. This is the life … a sunny day in the 80’s writing about being ourselves and in community. As Sai Maa says, “God loves me!”

I just returned late last night from being in one of the other “vortex city” of Montreal, where I was present at Maa’s Darshan, and then taught with two Quebecois “The Becoming of You” program called “Live Your Soul’s Purpose”.

In this sharing I’d like to emphasize that “we’re all in the same boat”, aligning and re-aligning, moving from mind to heart, from old to new pathways (in the brain and in action). Take comfort in this fact that we’re all experiencing a huge shift in the world and, more to the point, inside ourselves. This shift is from the mental model of the 3rd dimension, to the heart and soul model of the 5th dimension.

In this radical shift of consciousness and state of being, we are confronting old ways of seeing ourselves and the world, and ingrained patterns that cause us to react to what we think is in the outside world but is actually inside. As Sai Maa says, we just have to move one letter (“c”) to change “reaction” to “creation”. I add, we just have to see (“c”) differently in order to create rather than react.

It’s time to create with our soul, as soul. Here are some very short reminders of how to be in a natural state of creation, at least more often than not:

  • Breathe
  • Be in the present
  • Be grateful (in the heart)
  • Accept what is (inside and out)
  • Know your soul is always with you
  • Surrender (to your soul, Self)
  • Trust and have faith in what is unfolding
  • Allow all to be revealed within you
  • Express the light of your soul
  • Serve by enlightening life
  • Gain greater stability by having a practice
  • Benefit from the support and power of community

I’m not going to embellish on these tips. Just see what comes to you, what is revealed within you, that might lead to a different way of being (not doing). All comes from being. Your greatest contribution to yourself, to humanity, to your legacy, is to be, to illuminate your soul by allowing it to embody you and express itself through you.

I can tell you from recent personal experience, you can’t figure it out with the mind. Staying in the mind is very uncomfortable in today’s transition; it gets you nowhere except tossing and turning in bed, and crying from the struggle. It’s a balancing act, from trying to figure it out yourself, to surrendering and joining forces with others in the unity of our souls and collective energies. This is the Grand Design in Action.


I decided that what best serves us right now are reminders of actions we can take inside and out each day to move us back into alignment. Our daily lives are “the in’s and out’s of alignment.” Being an important preparation year for the 5th dimension and oneness consciousness on the planet, we can use all the tips we can get to remain centered, balanced and aligned.

  • Use your breath consciously and constantly. To get more oxygen (through the nose), to relax (breathe into contracted parts of the body, long exhale to release and relax the whole body, cyclical/circular breath to “move into the zone”). Conscious breathing includes pausing, slowing down your speaking … being present rather than rushing to a future that doesn’t exist.
  • Use the centering practice that aligns your physical and subtle bodies, energy systems. If you don’t know or remember it, check with someone who does.
  • Self-awareness. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, sensations, moods, energies, states of being. Realize you’re creating everything and everything is energy. Use this awareness to make new choices that expand your energy, relax you, bring you into your heart, bring you into relationship with your soul, guides, light beings ready to serve you.
  • Acceptance – never forget this. Accept everything about you, no matter what. Accept facts, what you can’t change (including the past). Accept others for who they are – you can’t change them, it’s not your responsibility. Acceptance leads to wholeness (embracing all that you are), and oneness (all that we are as one).
  • When we accept who we are in the present, we become peaceful and clearer about actions we can take. Be aware, accept, and then express, meaning be authentic in speaking who you are to others. Authentic expression leads to release, greater clarity, alignment with what’s true for you. Authentic listening leads to heart-to-heart connection, deeper relationship, aligned action.
  • Great practices for alignment: smiling (look in the mirror, notice the difference when you smile). Laughing out loud, even when you don’t feel like it. Moving your body: open your mouth as wide as you can and move your jaw, move your neck side to side, move each shoulder back, wave your arms, shake your whole body, jump up and down, move body parts that don’t want to move. Using your voice: speak louder, sing, chant, yell, let it all out through your mouth.
  • Keep up your daily practice and bring the “new you” it into your day. Breathe (continuous, Pranayama, Ouija, Anuloma-Viloma, whatever works for you). Meditate (in the heart, between the eyebrows, SO on exhale and HAM on inhale, stillness and brain illumination meditations). Recite mantras. Offer others and yourself Sai Maa Diksha. Perform Sai Maa Aarti. Practice whatever brings you joy, expands and aligns you.


You might have heard of the TGV in France (train à grande vitesse). Being with Sai Maa is jumping on board as Maa stokes the fire, so to speak. As we evolve, we begin to engineer the train; we become the conductor driving along the tracks in the path of our conscious evolution.

Maa has just visited us in Phoenix/Scottsdale, and blessed our community with a satsang (gathering where Truth is expressed). About 200 individuals attended, many of whom never met Maa before. Due to our readiness and commitment – not just those already in Maa’s community but the broader local community – Maa has made a commitment to us, committed Maa’s consciousness to us, as Maa told us during a community meeting.

We are thirsting for transformation, for the love of our soul, our Self, to be revealed to us and expressed in the world. We call this “The Becoming of You.” Maa is committed to our transformation, to the awakening of the Divine Feminine within, to global enlightenment across the planet.

We’ve heard Maa say many times, “Yes, I’m ready!!!” Let’s all tap into this readiness, activate the readiness we are already demonstrating by how we welcomed Maa to our community. This readiness for Maa, this welcoming of Maa, is really the readiness for and welcoming of ourselves, our oneness with Maa as Love, Light, Source. The energies and high frequencies of the 5th dimension of oneness consciousness are here for us to embrace within ourselves, to use for our transformation. This activation of 5th dimensional energies leads us to realize all of our dimensions and to contribute and serve, which is our soul’s purpose.

Maa is returning physically to be with us again in April (details to follow in other communications). I invite all of us to invite everyone we know to be with Maa for Darshan in April, when Maa offers us the blessing of divine energy (Shakti) that activates our own divinity within. Each person will have the opportunity to stand before Maa individually for this offering. Please serve those you know by inviting them to be with Maa at this time.

Maa is bringing us together across the country through the creation of four vortexes in the cities of Phoenix/Scottsdale, Denver, Albany and Philadelphia. These spinning vortexes of energy are drawing us together in our local communities, and relating us across communities, as well as weaving together communities around the world. The planetary frequencies of the 5th dimension intensify and elevate the work of these vortexes. This is truly togetherness in action, community co-creation, for the sake of planetary transformation.

One form of this togetherness and co-creation is the bond that exists between our local community and that of San Diego. Many from there came here to be with Maa two weeks ago, as they also did when we all celebrated five days together leading up to New Year’s. Maa is committed to the San Diego community and will be visiting there in May. We are invited to be with them then for satsang with Maa, just as the San Diego community will be returning here for Maa’s Darshan in April. To use the same analogy, we’re on the same train traveling along many tracks leading to the same source.

Speaking of San Diego, I will be returning there next month (February 20-21) for an evening satsang and a day-long workshop (“Revive, Renew, Reinvent”). In addition, we will have a community potluck, and I will offer individual coaching sessions. Please join us for these events, and invite those you know in San Diego or elsewhere to attend. See below for the flyer about the San Diego events.

Revive Renew Reinvent SD_Feb 20 flyer

A final invitation: Please let us know of any opportunities to join together with other spiritual communities, to attend community gatherings and local events, so that we may continue to create community. Let’s be in relationship, unity and service, as we accomplish our shared mission. ALL ABOARD!!!


“Each one of you is to be prepared for what is happening on the planet. We are activating the oneness consciousness, so each one can realize that we are all connected, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated. What is serving one is serving all, what is affecting one is affecting all. Togetherness in action.” – Sai Maa

Most of us just spent time together with family and loved ones experiencing and expressing our gratitude for each other, for our blessings, for our life. Several of us in our local Phoenix/Scottsdale community sat around the Thanksgiving table filled with delicious food, listening to a message from Maa read by Ambika, and being blessed by the opportunity to speak with Maa.

Yes, holidays bring us together. As Maa expresses above, we can realize this togetherness in every moment when we are aligned with the oneness consciousness being activated on the planet, this fifth dimensional state of interrelatedness. Through regular daily spiritual practice (sadhana), we are more likely to move into this alignment and realization. In addition, by coming together in community, we share a common focus, support one other in our practices, and combine our energies to activate and merge in this higher frequency. We create as community, transform as community, serve as community.

Sai Maa is creating four vortexes in the US, electromagnetic grids that energetically reflect this interconnectedness. We are blessed in Phoenix/Scottsdale to be one of those vortexes, in addition to Denver, Albany and Philadelphia. We have shared about this in our newsletter, including the opportunity to come together for “The Becoming of You” program on December 26, 27, plus other community activities leading up to our New Year’s Eve celebration. More programs are coming next year, when teachers will travel to these communities and offer teachings and opportunities for us to express and build our togetherness, to activate and tap into the grids that Maa has created.

When we each decide to engage in our community, to take action to contribute to our community, we are moving into alignment with our vortex and the frequencies of the fifth dimension and oneness consciousness activated on the planet. Years ago when I was doing consulting work for UNICEF, I spoke to my colleague about visualizing a hug around the world, everyone in the diverse global locations intertwined in their service to children. I see this same image of everyone in our communities, arms extended expressing and manifesting this togetherness in action.

In Maa’s programs, we have seen images of swirling vortexes, and energetic grids depicted as interconnecting lines, a web or lattice of energetic pathways, sparking and pulsating and sending light around the planet. Our community vortex is a gift of love and light, of togetherness, that we activate and spread more and more through our actions. We take actions inside ourselves to be grateful to our community, and to connect and merge energetically with others in the community. Also, we take actions with others by coming together physically to express, contribute, create, and manifest.

Remember, when we act we serve and affect one and all. Next year is one of preparation for the even more intense changes to take place in 2016, as the fifth dimension and oneness consciousness spread across the planet. Ask yourselves, “What actions will I take inside myself and with others in my community as 2014 comes to an end and we usher in together a new year?”

Le weekend passé, pendant l’atelier au Vermont, Maa a parlé de La Foi en Action. Maa a discuté de cela avec Becky et moi avant que nous ne l’enseignions durant le programme. En ce moment, cet enseignement résonne beaucoup en moi et je souhaite partager ici plusieurs de mes façons de voir qui vont peut-être résonner en vous. Ressentez-les, jouez avec elles, voyez comment vous pouvez les appliquer à l’intérieur de vous et dans votre vie au quotidien.

Quand je capte cet enseignement, pour moi, la Foi en Action est:

  • Une perspective vis-à-vis de moi-même, du monde, de ma vie, quand je fais confiance à l’univers, quand je sais que tout est parfait et comme il devrait être, quand, bien que je ne sois pas conscient de cela, tout arrive pour moi afin que je sois plus conscient et que j’évolue.
  • Un sentiment profond que je suis accepté, aimé, servi, que je suis tenu et soutenu par tant d’êtres, qui incluent Maa, mon âme, mes anges gardiens et mes guides, les maîtres et les êtres de lumière, autrement dit, ma guidance intérieure, mon essence.
  • Un sens puissant de l’abondance à tous les niveaux, de toutes les possibilités accessibles à moi, de la puissance que je suis dans toutes mes dimensions et énergies, de la beauté et de la richesse de la vie, qui sont présentes pour que je puisse les savourer.
  • Profondément dans mon coeur, un espace qui me donne accès à ma connaissance intérieure, qui me détend, qui m’apporte de la paix, qui crée un sourire sur mon visage, qui m’expanse et me dynamise.
  • Un état d’être, un alignement avec le Soi, la Source, où la grâce coule naturellement partout en moi, me remplissant d’énergie dynamique créative (la Shakti) qui me permet de recevoir l’information, d’écouter ma voix intérieure, mon intuition, mon âme, et de prendre action dans ma vie en utilisant toute ma sagesse et mon énergie.
  • Une pratique que je peux utiliser afin de retourner à l’alignement quand je suis conscient des pensées, émotions, schémas et énergies qui m’empêchent de prendre les actions que je sais qui me servent pour être au plus haut de qui je suis et qui me mènent à ce que je veux vraiment dans ma vie.

Utilisez ces façons de voir concernant la Foi en Action afin d’être plus conscient de ce qui se passe à l’intérieur de vous quand vous avez la foi, du type d’actions que vous prenez en vous et dans votre vie quotidienne à travers cette foi. Quand vous devenez plus conscient de ce que c’est la Foi en Action pour vous, vous la reconnaissez afin de pouvoir y revenir plus rapidement. Vous la renforcez, vous l’incarnez plus, vous passez de l’expérimentation à un état d’être.

S’il vous plaît, partagez vos façons de voir avec moi: qu’est-ce que c’est la Foi en Action pour vous; quels exemples avez-vous de l’avoir pratiqué, de l’être; quels sont les résultats et les conséquences pour vous dans les domaines différents de votre vie quand vous la pratiquez, quand vous l’êtes.

Utilisez cette affirmation et voyez ce qui se passe en vous:


Maa spoke about Faith in Action during last weekend’s program in Vermont, and also mentioned this earlier to Becky and me before we taught at the program. This teaching resonates very much with me at this moment, and I want to share with you some of my insights that may resonate with you. Feel into them, play with them, see how they apply within yourself and in your life.

As I tap into it, Faith in Action for me is:

  • A perspective about myself and the world, my life, where I trust in the universe, that all is perfect and as it should be, that even though I am not conscious of it, all is happening for me to become more aware and evolve.
  • A deep feeling that I am being taken care of, that I am accepted and loved and served, that I am being held and supported by so many, including Maa, my soul, my guardians and guides, masters and light beings, in other words, my inner guidance and essence.
  • A strong sense of abundance on all levels, of all the possibilities available to me, of the power that I am in all my dimensions and energies, of the beauty and richness of life present for me to enjoy.
  • A place deep in my heart, that accesses my inner knowingness, that relaxes me, brings me peace, puts a smile on my face, expands and energizes me.
  • A state of being, a place of alignment with Self, Source, where grace flows naturally through me, filling me with dynamic, creative energy (Shakti), enabling me to receive information, listen to my inner voice or intuition or soul, and take action in life using all of this wisdom and energy.
  • A practice that I can use to return to alignment, when I’m aware of thoughts and emotions, patterns and energies, that stop me from taking actions I know serve me to be the highest of who I am, that lead me to what I really want in life.

Use these insights about Faith in Action so that you become more aware of what happens inside of you when you have faith, what actions you take inside of you and in your daily life through this faith. When you become more conscious of what this Faith in Action is for you, you distinguish it so you can come back to it more quickly. You reinforce it, you embody it even more, you move from experiencing it to a state of being it.

Please share your insights with me: what Faith in Action is for you; what examples you have of practicing it, being it; the results and consequences for you in different areas of your life when you are practicing it, being it.

Use this affirmation and see what occurs within you: